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EPI Products &


Professional Fuel System Construction | Project Managment
Service & Maintenance | Petroleum Product Sales
Throughout the State of Florida, USA

EPI's Expertise in Petroleum

Construction Includes:

Underground Storage Tanks and Above Ground Storage Tanks
Tank Cleaning| Installation| Removal | Closure | Wet Set Installation
EPI specializes in taking USTs and ASTs placement from the drawing board to reality. We help with everything from installation to removal/abandonment to repair/replacement and professional project construction management and engineering that is required for the projects success.

Overfill Protection | Tank Monitoring Systems | Secondary Protection 
Owners and operators should make overfill prevention a priority. Obviously, the hazards associated with an overfill costs money and resources to clean up. The health and safety of employees and the community is important and overfill protection will prevent hazardous spills and the many expenses, usually including big fines associated with a spill. Proper instrumentation and control systems are important, and EPI will work with you to make sure your petroleum products are protected from any overfill hazards.
Tank Cleaning, Installation, Removal, Closure
EPI manages all aspects of your fueling system from design and estimate
through permitting and construction management.  
EPI's team provides solutions to your fueling system needs.
Dispenser and Transition Sumps
EPI specializes in a great range of quality dispenser sumps; including Bennett, Gasboy, and Gilbarco. We take pride in having our service technicians educated and certified in the verity of dispensers and transition sumps that we offer. 
Dispenser/Transition Sump
Fuel Management Sytems
Fuel Management Systems

The primary benefit of incorporating a fuel management system as part of a fueling operation is allowing the owner, to have control over your own fuel. Whether it’s a marina, aviation facility, municipal/school fleet fueling operation, emergency/governement services or commercial facility - EPI Construction will work to meet your needs when it comes to designing and implementing a fuel management system. 

Repair Maintenance Systems

EPI will get you up and running. We understand the need to have things back online as quickly as possible and our expertise can help you get it done.  

EPI uses a wide range of quality products as needed on projects. You can be assured of a professional installation and top rated product used on your projects.   
  • Bennet - Dispensers
  • Modern Welding - Tanks
  • OMNTEC - Automatic Gauging Systems
  • E.J. Ward - Fuel Management Systems
  • Fuelmaster - Fuel Management Systems 

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